Giant Dahlia


SIZE: Throw (62″ W x 62″ L)

A beautiful design of a large dahlia flower in blues and white.

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This beautiful quilt features the famous pattern of a large dahlia flower in icy blues on a white background. The matching border is blue and the backing is a solid white.


Throw (62″ W x 62″ L)

Our lap quilts are a perfect addition to everyone’s couch or could serve as wall-hanging to decorate the home.

About This Pattern:

The Giant Dahlia pattern made its first appearance in the 1935 issue of Needlecraft: The Home Arts Magazine. Due to the curved edges and points of each shape, this pattern is considered challenging for even the most experienced quilter. – The Quick & Easy Dahlia Quilt by Susan Murwin & Suzzy Payne

Acrylic templates are required to cut out the curved shapes and piece them together properly. The most difficult part of this design is getting the curved edges to lay flat while also getting the points of each row to match up.

Made by Amish quilter, Sarah

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

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